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Driving in Mexico

Jan 13 • Categorized as Travel in Mexico
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Enhancing travel to areas only accessible by road is a top priority of the Mexican Federal Government as well as the individual States within the Republic. By improving the highway systems throughout all of Mexico, it will make Driving In Mexico much easier, so automobiles and tour buses can better access some of the best kept secrets in Mexico.

Let’s take a look at the Northern state of Sonora, Mexico, where Driving In Mexico is the preferred method and for many good reasons. The state of Sonora, Mexico is very progressive towards making it as easy as possible for Americans and Canadians to travel by car in Sonora. The Sonora public works and the Federal Government have invested billions of dollars in highway systems throughout the Northwestern quadrant of the state.

Sonora Map


There is a network of new highways and toll roads from the Western most regions that starts in San Luis Rio Colorado Mexico, just South of Yuma Arizona.

SLRC is the location for the new commercial border crossing for trucks entering the USA and into Mexico relieving the pressure from the main automobile crossing. SLRC has many doctor’s offices and dental clinics and some great sea food restaurants that many Yuma, AZ residents and winter snow birds frequent.

The brand new toll road that goes due South from SLRC, through the Great Sonora Desert to the Northern shores of The Sea of Cortes begins on the East side of SLRC. This toll road then connects with the new intercoastal highway that skirts along The Sea of Cortes heading East 90 miles to Puerto Penasco “Rocky Point” and beyond to the new International Airport by the Mayan Palace mega resort, Driving In Mexico is getting better every year.

New Intercoastal Highway

Coast Highway Article

New Toll Road

El Golfo De Santa Clara

This sleepy fishing village was a 4 1/2 hour journey from the USA border prior to a paved rod being built some years ago that followed the Colorado river through the fertile countryside that has been irrigated for many years.

In fact this very lush area along side the Colorado River is a beautiful drive even today. The stark contrast of the desert sands adjacent to the green fields that sustain 3 to 4 different crop cycles per year is amazing to see. But for those in more of a hurry to get to the Sea of Cortes and its clear waters, gentle surf and clean beaches, there is now a new 34 mile toll road that opened September 14, 2009 to get you there sooner. With its opening it is now possible for a short 35 minute drive from the USA border to the beach. El Golfo De Santa Clara is just 45 minutes and 94 Pesos or USD $8.17 from San Luis Rio Colorado to the beach.

A stop in El Golfo De Santa Clara for a fresh shrimp lunch or dinner is a “must do”, as the giant Pink & Blue Shrimp are only found here in the Northern Sea of Cortes and 100% are presold and exported to the finest restaurants in the USA and Mexico except the ones saved for the local economy.

See “The Galapagos of North America” and “The Aquarium of the World” By Car

There are several rest areas along this route that include two observation areas overlooking the UNESCO Wildlife Sanctuary that has never been accessible by automobile before. Strict enforcement of preserving this important wildlife refuge have been put in place and motorized vehicles are not permitted in the restricted zones. The Mexican Government and the State of Sonora have spent millions of dollars fencing off these sensitive eco areas.

Bucket List



There are migratory birds from all over the Western Hemisphere and a multitude of marine mammals that come to this unique desert marshland where the desert meets the sea. This area has only been accessible by boat in the past as the roads passing through this area were just built two years ago.

This UNESCO Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most important breeding grounds in the world for birds, fish and sea mammal’s and it is for these reasons Jacques Cousteau dubbed The Sea of Cortes “The Galapagos of North America” and the “Aquarium of The World”.

This area should be on everyone’s bucket list if you love bird watching and wildlife viewing in a truly unique and natural setting only found at this one place on earth…where you might just experience a real “National Geographic moment”. This route is the preferred way to go to Puerto Penasco “Rocky Point” from Southern, California and Western, AZ.

Every major highway in Sonora, Mexico has clean modern Gasoline Stations and most of them have convenience stores to replenish your cooler with ice, drinks and a great variety of snacks that are sure to satisfy your entire road trip needs while Driving In Mexico.


“Rocky Point”, Puerto Penasco

The most accessible major resort and retirement Mecca in Sonora, Mexico is “Rocky Point” just 68 miles from the USA border crossing at Lukeville, AZ. A new toll road from this USA border crossing is now well under construction and once completed in 2012it it will be the second Toll Road connecting to the New Coastal Highway that runs form Rocky Point from the East to El Golfo De Santa Clara to the West along the Northern Sea of Cortes.

 Rocky Point


There are over 31,500,000 Americans living within 400 miles of these pristine beaches. With the user friendly attitude of the Sonora State Government, the manageable driving distance, great new highways and freedom of being in your own vehicle verses renting a car is something many American’s and Canadians are now realizing the  advantage of Driving In Mexico.

The new toll road coming South from Lukeville, AZ., will intersect the New Intercoastal Highway near the New International Airport that is located directly across from the new Mayan Palace mega resort. Driving In Mexico is becoming increasingly easy and economical in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

In addition to that if you decide to live in Northwestern Sonora you can bring your own car and not have to pay import taxes on your vehicle, boat or seadoos or other recreational toys and that is a deal maker to most.

The Best Marina’s in Sonora, Mexico are Accessible by automobile

Beauty and a natural safe harbor are a winning combination that every sailor gets by making San Carlos Sonora, Mexico a must layover while touring the Sea of Cortes by boat or car. From the full service marinas to the restaurants, quaint hotels, shops and clean well maintained streets are an open invitation that has been extended to all visitors by San Carlos residents.

Marina Article


The roads from the USA to San Carlos are brand new very well maintained, they are completed to the state capitol Hermosillo and other than several bridges that are still under construction to the South on the route to San Carlos and Guaymas make Driving In Mexico from Arizona a scenic pleasure.

Many residents of Phoenix and Tucson keep their boats in San Carlos and make the drive often. The dry storage areas for their boats are secure and well managed for those who want to avoid the marina slip fees, except when they are using their boats and there are day slips available in every marina for that purpose.

No matter where you are traveling to in Mexico, you can more than likely get there via regularly scheduled flights on major US and International carriers departing from many major airports in the USA and Canada. After arriving at the regional hubs in Mexico, if they are not your targeted destination, there are numerous flights that go to the region where your desired destination is located. The Mexican government is spending billions of dollars on infrastructure to improve all aspects regarding Driving In Mexico that opens up countless opportunities to see The Real Mexico.


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